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The need for roof repair in and around Grand Rapids can include anything from expected maintenance as a result of typical wear to emergency reconstruction after extreme weather conditions. Damaged shingles and granules can cause a leaking roof, which allows water to enter the house and creates other costly issues. Melvin Belk Roofing can help by repairing roof damage to your home or property, ensure that your roof properly protects you from the elements and prevents any further damage.

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West Michigan’s unexpected weather patterns frequently bring abrupt, destructive storms. Melvin Belk Roofing understands this, so we provide fast response and emergency repairs. What looks like a major project can often be swiftly repaired by our professional roofing contractors.

shingles ripped off of roof from wind damage

Wind Damage To Roof

Missing and wind damaged shingles can cause a leaking roof and lead to further deterioration. Similarly, flashings that have missing parts or have been removed mean that critical roof repair is needed. Because flashings are made of a thin material that is used to direct water away from the roof, missing pieces are an indicator that the waterproofing has become unsealed and more roof damage may follow. It is always a good idea to call a professional at the first sign of wind damage to avoid water from entering the house.

Hail Damage

Strong hail storms can cause a large amount of damage to houses and roofs but the impact can sometimes be tricky to spot. Even if the fallout isn’t fully visible, damage to cars and houses nearby is a good way to know if you may have hail damage to your roof. Small rounded divets on shingles, missing granules, and a significant amount of granules in your downspout are also indicators that the storm may have created an issue with your roof. If you are unsure about the scope of the damage, our professionals can diagnose and estimate the extent, free of charge.

hail damaged shingles circled with chalk
fallen tree on roof

Nearby Trees and Falling Objects

Trees and other large objects falling on a house can result in damage of any size, from causing minor shingle damage to punching a hole in the roof. This damage is not always the result of a storm, as overhanging tree limbs will rot and break naturally, falling on roofs below. If not removed before snowfall, leaves and needles will become encased and trap moisture that seeps into shingles, eventually rotting support beams. And a particularly bad storm can topple trees or power lines and create major roof damage. The effects of these natural disasters can all be easily remedied by our skilled roof repair professionals at an affordable price.

Ice Dam On Roof

Freezing temperatures, a heated building, and a thick layer of snow are all ingredients in the perfect recipe for ice dams. These blockages are created when snow melts and refreezes on a slanted roof’s eave, creating a barrier that stops water from draining off the roof. When the water has nowhere to drain it remains on the roof, causing leaks and other damage. Signs that an ice dam is present include icicles hanging from the side of the house, a leaking roof causing interior water damage, and gutters that won’t drain. If you suspect that you have damage caused by an ice dam on your roof, remove the snow from your roof as soon as possible. Then contact our roofing professionals to assess the damage at no charge.

ice dam building on roof of house

No matter the situation, Melvin Belk Roofing prides itself on dedication to customer satisfaction and the quality of our roof repair in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. We really do care. Contact us for a free quote and let us handle the rest. Problem solved!

What Others Are Saying

I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the work, the comradary and efficiency of the entire tear-off and repace teams! I would highly recommend this company. I did research several other companies and this one was well priced and delivered perfectly. Cleanup was amazing! Thank you to the sales team and workers.

- Roasnna Stilson

After getting the run-around from other roofing companies I called Melvin Belk. They were not only able to get the job done almost immediately, but they were over $1K less than any of the “superstars.” I’ve never been so glad to be blown off by them, it allowed me to get the job done quicker, less expensive and likely better quality. I will definitely recommend and refer.

- Greg Matheson

Our shingles had about had it and we’d been fighting a leak around our chimney for ages. We were instantly impressed by their professional demeanor. The work looks spectacular and should be on a magazine cover, and the chimney is a dramatic improvement in appearance and is not leaking for the first time since the house was built. These guys know what they’re doing and you can trust them for a great experience.

- Richard Annis
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