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Roofing repairs can be costly.

Indeed, a 10×10 foot section of asphalt shingle can set you back up to $350 on average. What’s more, the wallet gets hit harder for repairs to complex roofs made from expensive materials.

All told the cost of hiring roofing contractors can be a heavy burden for any homeowner.

Nonetheless, ignoring necessary repairs is a risky game. As you’re well aware, roofs play a rather key role in any home! They provide structural support and essential protection from the elements.

Forgoing repairs for the sake of money can backfire dramatically in the long run. If there’s an issue, then you need to act sooner rather than later.

Wondering if you need to hire a roofing contractor for a home in Grand Rapids?

Read on for 7 tell-tale issues that require vital roofing repairs.

1. Age

Such is life:

The older you get, the more maintenance you need! The same applies to whether you’re talking about people or roofs.

Now, it might look totally fine. But a roof that’s getting long in the tooth can harbor unseen issues lurking beneath the surface.

A standard roof that’s getting on in years might be reaching its limit.

Consider getting an inspection from a verified contractor to take a look. You’ll pay for the service, of course. However, it can save you thousands if you catch an issue early.

2. Shingle Damage

Take a look at the shingle on your roof.

What do you see?

Signs of wear and tear include discoloration, cracks, and missing and misshapen shingles.

All of these issues require attention. However, cracked, misshapen and missing shingles require immediate action. Older shingle starts to alter in form and will often curl up. It’s a sign it’s soon to break!

Missing shingles are even worse. Those gaps on your roof could lead it to leak or even collapse. Both eventualities are far from ideal.

Be sure to call the contractor as soon as possible when your shingles are suffering.

3. Blocked Gutters

Blocked gutters are incredibly common.

All sorts of debris can find their way into the roof gutter systems. Leaves, branches, dirt, and grime are frequent causes of blockages. That’s why it’s so important to clear them out periodically throughout the year.

However, an altogether different source of blocked gutters comes from the shingles themselves.

Certain types of shingle shed granules as they age. Looking a bit like coarse, hardened, black sand, they fall from the shingle and enter the guttering.

Aside from the gutter problem, it also means your shingles are on the verge of wearing out. It’s time to get them looked at by a trusted roofing professional.

Has moss become a problem too? Here’s how to clear moss from your roof.

4. Water’s Coming In

Houses are meant to stay dry.

Roofs are meant to keep the water out. If it’s no longer serving that purpose, well, you know what to do! That’s right: call the contractor.

Thankfully, a leaking roof isn’t the end of the world. It’s vital that you catch the leak early though. Any delay in sorting the problem will inevitably lead to it getting worse.

Get all signs of water damage looked at by a professional sooner than later. Obviously, seeing water coming in is the clearest sign of all! It’s often subtler though.

Look for stains and watermarks on ceilings. Listen out for dripping sounds from above. Go up into the attic space to look for puddles, damp patches, and mold.

Any of these issues is reason enough to call a roofing contractor in Grand Rapids.

5. Unwanted Attic ‘Windows’

Have you recently discovered a new light-source coming through the loft ceiling?

Well, you’ve been given the gift of a brand new natural window!

All joke’s aside, any new sign of sunlight coming from the loft ceiling spells danger. You officially have a hole in the roof, which requires immediate resolution.

A compromised roof means your house is now open to the elements. It’s only a matter of time before additional damage ensues.

Act fast, call a roofing contractor, and get it fixed.

6. The Roofline Is Bowing

Most roofs are designed to have straight edges.

You know there’s a problem when those edges show signs of sagging. That’s right, a bowed roofline means something’s amiss underneath.

It’s likely that the internal structure’s been compromised. An underlying rafter may have broken as a result of its age, pest damage, or natural disaster, and so on.

Whatever the exact cause, you know it isn’t good.

Suddenly, other parts of your roof are put under additional pressure they aren’t designed to withstand. A full collapse is likely if it’s left in this state of disrepair for too long.

Here’s some basic insight into roofing construction that might be of use.

7. Rising Energy Bills

Here’s a more subtle sign of a roofing issue:

Have you noticed your energy bills increasing out of nowhere recently?

Well, it might be explained by issues up above. No, we’re not talking about divine provenance this time. We’re more worried about attic problems.

All that hot or cold air could be leaking out through a faulty roof.

Your bid to correct the temperature via your HVAC drives energy consumption, and your energy bills with it. Sort both problems by calling a roofing contractor to take a look.

The issue could lay elsewhere. Nonetheless, an inspection of your roof could solve the problem and/or reveal others in the process.

Time to Hire Roofing Contractors

There you have it: 7 obvious signs that your roof needs to be seen by roofing contractors in Grand Rapids.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the country, roofing repairs in the United States don’t come cheap. Paying top dollar for essential maintenance is never fun.

It is, however, crucial for preserving the functionality of your home.

For serious problems, forgoing the expense and waiting too long can cause even greater issues. Of course, the price increases as a result.

Acting quickly to resolve your roofing problems is key. Hopefully, this post has highlighted the key warning signs to look for and will save you future roofing trouble in the process.

Got a roof issue and need a contractor in Grand Rapids? Call us today.

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  1. Eileen Benson
    Eileen Benson says:

    It stood out to me when you said that light coming through our roof shouldn’t be ignored because it means our home is no longer protected from the elements. When I was getting some tools out of the attic this morning, I noticed some light coming through a small hole near the middle of the roof. I’m glad I read your article so I understand why I shouldn’t put off hiring a roofing contractor to take a look!


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